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                  FOR PHYSICAL & MENTAL HEALTH
                      PREVENTIVE AND CORRECTIVE
                   WITH THE SUPER POWER OF SHIVA

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  • Headaches/ Body Pains

  • Depression/ Anxiety/ Mental Health

  • High & Low Blood Pressure​

  • Diabetes

  • Thyroid & Throat Problems

  • Emotional & Work Stress Healing 

  • Chakra Healing, Cleaning & Balancing

  • ​Brings Peace, Happiness, Positive Thinking 

  • Removal of Negative Energy

  • Most Powerful Anti Ageing

  • ​Helps in Removing the Hidden Root Cause 

  • No Side Effects No Medicine Fast Relief

  • Highly Effective & Natural Way to Heal

  • And a lot more.....


                                                                          WHAT WE DO​

We provide Alternative Medicine Therapy in the form "Divine Light & Energy Healing". We restore the flow of Divine Light & Energy, on which the body functions, through energy healing therapy sessions. Shiva Energy Healing is a very uniquely super powerful healing energy. We find and target the unseen areas of troubles to destroy the root causes which most likely you may not even be aware of their presence in your own body. The powerful healing energy goes like a beam of light, to destroy the problems. This should be better understood "SPIRITUAL ENERGY SURGERY". It works on the similar principals of Laser Treatments, but without any bad side effects. The Healing Energy beam burns the negative energy build up, which is creating trouble. Though it sounds too good to be true, and yes it is unconeventional and unheard of, but with this kind of Super Powerful Pure Divine Healing Energy, anything is possible. This unique healing therapy has been developed after long research in the field of internal energy systems of the human body and of course with the grace and power of Almighty God. It has been highly successful in improvement of various kinds of health conditions and in restoring the energy.


This is completely based on Divine Healing Energy, there are no medicines, equipment, supplements given. It is just Purest of Pure Loving Divine Energy which destroys the negative energy, and restores the electromagnetic life energy flow, so the body can naturally be healed.


                                                    NEGATIVE ENERGY INFECTIONS (NEI)


We also do a very specialized and unique examination of the body to check the signs of  Negative Energy Infections in your Energy System. After a careful analysis we decide on the Energy Healing Strategy,  which would work best for you. Every physical and mental health problem starts with Energy Infection, later turns into bigger diseases. Today many people have Negative Energy Infections, but are competely unaware of it, however they are still suffering and are being continuously damaged inside their body. With this healing you can find out the status and also take effective steps to make it better. Ignoring these infections will make your body weaker by the time, prone to diseases, have poor energy, slowing down brain functions, depression, anxiety, thinking and behaviour changes and lot more and premature ageing happens. This problem cannot be fixed or even detected by any medical or other health systems.  It is wise to take regular Inner Energy Cleaning & Healing sessions to keep yourself in a better shape for longer time, while living in this toxic stressful atmosphere. A stitch in time saves nine, is what we need to understand. The more we delay the more it grows bigger, and and do severe damages in the body.




Have you ever noticed untimely wrinkles or some kind of extra ageing on the skin, in certain areas of the body like neck, chest, shoulders, hand, foot areas etc, whereas skin on most parts of the body is better.  This is due to the closed energy channels to those areas. These are not just superficial signs on the skin, which you can make it better with anti ageing skin creams, these are the warning signs of serious problems hidden inside. When the energy channels are closed, the vital organs of the body starve and become weak. Once they are weak and their natural defence system is damaged, it is very easy for any disease to come. In the starting there will be low energy, skin problems etc which you may not even notice or connect with any such future problems. This is actually the main reason for Ageing.


Shiva  Energy Healing works internally to effectively reopen those closed channels and restore the energy currents. Over the period the starved organs starts getting to heal by the renewed supply of  good energy, and the person starts getting to become younger and healthy with full of energy and happiness. This super powerful healing not only reverses the age but also saves you from many troubles from the diseases which could have come.     



Examples of Areas Shiva Energy Healing can Help:

Though there is an unlimited potential for this healing energy, some of the examples of areas/conditions where this energy can be quite helpful to support the body heal and make a difference in your life are as below:

Physical / Mental Conditions

  • ADHD

  • Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

  • Bipolar Disorder 

  • Mild Mental / Psychological Problems

  • Headaches/ Migraine

  • Vertigo

  • Brain Fog 

  • Facial Paralysis

  • Fatigue 

  • Thyroid

  • Throat problems

  • Mild Breathing Troubles

  • Chest & Breast Pains

  • Highly Effective in Breast Cancer Prevention 

  • Helps in Prevention of Brain Problems

  • Helps in Prevention of Dementia

  • Misc Body Pains

  • Numbness in Hands

  • Stomach Pains

  • Elbow Pains

  • Rejuvenation of Overall Energy

  • Helpful in Diabetes

  • Helpful in High Blood Pressure 

  • Unknown Problems which Doctors are unable to find the reason of/or can't do anything.

Subtle Energy System

  • Chakra Healing and Balancing

  • Helpful in Spirituality

  • Post Kundalini Problems

  • Improves Internal Bio-Energy Current Flow

  • Major Energy Channel Healing

  • De-stress the Subtle Energy System

  • Restores Closed Energy Channels

Life Style

  • Brings Peace & Happiness, and improves well being feeling

  • Emotional & Work Stress Healing

  • Helpful in Relationship/Divorce Stress

  • Reduce Exam Stress

  • Encourages the Positive Thinking

  • Look Younger with the most Powerful Natural Anti Ageing Therapy

  • Improves thinking pattern

  • Improves a person's energy vibrations perceived by others

  • Increase popularity due to better personality

  • Improves work efficiency

  • Great for Singers to maintain/improve the voice over the years

  • Helps reduce Irritation and Anger

  • Helps in keeping healthy family atmosphere

  • AND A LOT MORE..............

Possibilities are endless, so for any other unlisted problems, you can contact us by email or phone to find out more.

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